50 facts about me

This is my 50 facts (sorry for my English mistake)

1. I don't like to put any sugar in my my food, the dessert only .
2. I love to travel especially the mountain or cold place. I don't like hot weather :P
3. I knew the road in Bangsean more than in Lopburi(my hometown).
4. I love make up and cosmetics. Brown smokey eyes is my signature look.
5. I love false lashes.
6. I do my hair color every 3 months. I love to change my style.
7. I wanna do ombré hair with purple and pink.
8. I live in Chonburi about 6 years. Studied 4 years, working 2 years.
9. I started to drive a car on 16 year-old.
10. I like to take a photo. I have my own camera - Canon powershot G12.
11. The Canon EOS 700D will be my next.
12. I do braces almost 3 years and my dentist didn't give me any due date to finish it. Such a long time :(
13. After braces finished, I have plan to fix my gummy smile. :)
14. I ever write about my braces in my blog.
15. Some people sent e-mail to me and asked about braces in Bangsean.
16. I started to read Harry Potter when I was 10. (14 years ago)
17. My cousin (P'Pook) gave me the 3 books of Harry Potter in children's day.
18. The first Harry Potter movie that I watched in the theater is Harry Potter and the goblet of fire.
19. I wanna go to Egypt, Japan, England and Italy.
20. My normal face look like I'm angry but believe me I didn't.
21. I don't have any boyfriend. I don't know why not???
22. I like funny people that can make me smile all the whole time.
23. The first time that I knew I am myopia is when I was 10. I can't see anything on the blackboard.
24. My visual acuity started at -150 but now is -300.
25. I'm tallest in my family
26. My height is 5'7" (168 cm.)
27. I don't wanna tell you about my weight.
28. I like to watch the video on Youtube. The most is make up or beauty. Then music video, cover song, vlog and Series.
29. Because I like to watched video on youtube. My listening part's TOEIC score is more than reading part. Thanks Youtube!!!
30. I ever count down to New year at Thapae gate (Chiang Mai) and I hate it!!! A lot of people there, I never ever think I will go there again.
31. I want to drive car stronger than now.
32. I always be mouth ulcer, twice a month if I'm weakness and sleep not enough. That's a very hurt and make me  troubled about eating
33. My nails are very fragile.
34. I clean my room, iron and wash my clothes once a week, on my holiday. -_-" My half of holiday spent to do a house work.
35. I love R&B song.
36. My current favorite song is 'Taking over me' by Lawson. It's a very good song.
37. My skin is oily type.
38. I have an acne since I was 15.
39. I tried to cure an acne every way.
40. Now I have to see skin doctor every 3 weeks.
41. I hope one day my face will clear, no more acne.
42. I like to have foreigner friend to talk to. because I wanna improve my English.
43. I used to have foreigner friend, but he's gone with a stupid reason. Oh god!! I don't wanna talk about him -*-
44. I'm thinking why 50 facts is not finish yet. I'm trying to find something more about me ;P
45. About my driving, I have problem to remember the direction. hahaha
46. I like to post my pic and see the amazing photo on Instagram. @sirinphan is my instagram account. Follow me!!
47. Sirin Phan is short from my full name "Sirintra Phanwichai"
48. I always wake up early, also my holiday.
49. My everyday life : wake up> go to work> have breakfast> work> have lunch>work> have dinner> work> go back home> spend the time on internet> go to the bed.
50. I bought Ukulele 3 months ago and now I can't play any song. -"-

Thank you to reading this. I hope you guys know something more about me
and I want to know more about you. Let's do 50 facts about you!!